Niagara Falls Themed Top Five List Submissions

Send us your Feedback about a restaurant, bar, pub liquor or wine store you particularly love or hate. You can also send us you recommendation for a themed Top Five list of restaurants or bars using the Restaurant Feedback Form.

Each Top Five list must have the following:

  1. Pick a theme (something that is common among all the establishments listed). The theme may be cuisine, geography, decor, or something else!
  2. The names and addresses of FIVE establishments (order isn't as important as their being on your list).
  3. Tell us why you like each. Keep it brief (ten words each) and fun
  4. Tell us who you are. Include your e-mail address and daytime phone number so we can send you our thanks.
  5. Provide as many themed top five lists as you wish (but Restauranteurs: no submitting your own establishments!!!)
Send us your Restaurant/Bar feedback or your recommendation for a Top Five list.

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