Niagara Falls International Boundary

Whirlpool below the falls The original International Boundary was set by the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 and updated in the Jay's Treaty of 1794, and re-affirmed at the Treaty of Ghent in 1814 following the War of 1812. The boundary is defined as following the "middle of the Niagara River" which, when there is an island in the middle then the path of the greatest depth of the water was followed. As a result the USA has most of the islands and Canada has Navy Island. Erosion and remedial work has altered the position of the Horseshoe Falls, but has not changed the original position of the international boundary. Over the years, Terrapin Point was re-shaped by the US Army Corps of Engineers, expanding it toward the orginal boundary, so that the entire Horseshoe Falls now falls within Canada

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