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Welland has a population of 48,000 and lies in the southeastern corner of the province between the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario in the Niagara Peninsula fruitbelt. The climate is moderated by the Great Lakes, being mild without extremes in temperature or precipitation throughout the year. This picturesque "city on the canal" is located in the heart of Ontario's Niagara Region, approximately twenty minutes from Niagara Falls.

Welland is the third largest city in the Niagara Peninsula, behind St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, and has an ethnicly diverse population, with a significant French-speaking population.

Welland is served by a primary provincial highway, the King's Highway 406, a freeway linked to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) freeway, which in turn links Toronto and the Peace Bridge, on the border between the United States and Canada. King's Highways 58 and 140 link the City with other centres in the Region, and since the 1973 completion of the Welland Canal Bypass, these routes use tunnels under the canal and no longer encumber traffic with waiting for lift bridges. The city also has the Port Colborne & Welland Regional Airport to its west. The city has signficant manufacturing facilties, taking advantage of the shipping and transportation network, suing hte industrial lands to the north east of the city and to the south close to the Welland Canal.

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Welland is divided into two parts by the Welland River and the Old Welland Canal. The city is renowned for its tree lined streets. Homes run from $115,000 for starters and $180,000 for executive homes.


The school boards which operate schools in Welland provide for a variety of options including French or English language curriculums and Catholic or Public schools including 16 English elementary schools, 5 French elementary, 3 English high schools, 2 French high schools and two libraries.

Post secondary institutions local to Welland include Niagara College and nearby Brock University. There are also a variety of adult trade schools in the area.


Shopping in Welland is clustered along Main Street, with downtown on one end and the Flea Market on the other. North of the Welland River is shopping along Prince Charles Drive North. Ther are a couple of mallsaround town, notably The Seaway Mall in the north and Lincoln Centre in the south.


The City of Welland has a number of facilities and leisure activities offered to families and individuals visiting and/or living in this community. Additionally, outdoor recreation is available in the hundreds of hectares/acres of city parks, sports fields and recreational facilities found throughout the city. Nearby, abundant water recreational activities may be enjoyed on the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario. The city has 3 swimming pools and a movie theatre.

For the fitness minded, the Old Welland Canal is a leading international venue for rowers, and Merritt Island Park is popular with cross-country skiers in winter

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