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This city lies on the west bank of the Niagara River, midway between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The city has three bridges that cross to the United States. The city's success lie in two key industries: international trade and tourism focused around the Falls themselves.


Flower Clock Niagara Falls has grown westward from the Niagara River, and has expanded westward along the top of the Niagara Escarpment into the rural areas west of the QEW. The neighbourhoods north of Highway 420 is bisected by the Queenston-Chippawa Power Canal and the industrial lands that adjoin it and the railway tracks. This part of town includes (from south to north): Scott, Dorchester Village, Cherrywood Acres, Queensway Gardens, Rolling Acres, Stamford and relatively newer areas of Mount Forest, Dell Park and Calaguiro Estates. The area south of 420 include includes most of the hotels and attractions, along Lundy's Lane and around Clifton Hill. This part of town includes the neighbourhoods of Royal, Lundy's Land, Clifton Hill, MacMillan, Dorchester Gardens, Corwin Crescent, Falls View, Lascala, and Drummond Heights. To the south of Marineland and alongside the Welland River is the community of Chippawa. West of the QEW are newer neigbhourhoods but also include light industrial land as well as shopping malls flanking the QEW on both sides, which located there when this land was cheaperthan that in central Niagara Falls. These neighbourhoods include (from north to south): Mount Carmel, Westway Estates, Mulhern, Ascot Woods, Greeens Corners, and Charnwood.


29 elementary & 3 french elementary, 3 private schools, 5 high schools, and Niagara College's Glendale campus just northwest of the city, plus close access to Brock University in St. Catharines; Niagara College in Welland;, and Niagara University in Niagara Falls, New York.


Niagara Fall's tourist shopping is in the Fallsview area along Stanley, Victoria and Lundy Lane. The city's downtown core is further north by the Whirlpool Rapids International Bridge. There is another cluster of shops along the Portage Rd near Thorold Stone Rd, with the city's largest malls adjoining the QEW, with Niagara Square t the south and Mount Carmel Centre to the north, and Canada One Factory Outlets in the middle at Lundy's Lane.


The Canadian Falls Niagara Falls has 1 community centre, 4 ice arenas, 1 marina, 4 theatres, 1 cinema, 2 casinos, 60 baseball diamonds, 2 indoor pools, 4 outdoor pools, 45 public & 2 private tennis course, and 7 public golf courses. Niagara Falls has access to the Niagara Parkway and recreational trail, and is the eastern/southern terminus of the Bruce Trail which extends up to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. Then, of course, re all the "tourist" attractions and the natural splendors of the Falls and the Escarpment, not to mention the history of the region. For the young and young-at-heart there are plenty of entertainment & arcade type attractions in Niagara Falls. The city is midway along the 56 kilometre Niagara Parks Commission Recreation Trail between Niagara on the Lake and Fort Erie. The city is also the starting point of the The Bruce Trail, which stretches 773 kilometres (480 miles) from Queenston Heights in the south to Tobermory at the northern end of the Bruce Peninsula.

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