Niagara Falls 10 things A Realtor Can Do For You

(NC)-For most Canadians, buying or selling a home may be the largest financial transaction they will ever experience. Finding the right home will depend on a variety of factors including your lifestyle and financial requirements, as well as the help you receive during the process. Whether buying or selling a home, a real estate agent can you help through all stages of the process.

Here are the top ten services a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent can provide:

  1. National and regional home pricing indexes including taxes, utility costs and municipal services.
  2. A marketing plan for your home, suggesting the best schedule and locations to pursue.
  3. Financial advice in finding a price range, financing and the best methods of payment.
  4. Access to well-established legal resources for drafting and reviewing contracts.
  5. Advice on home improvements that will increase the overall property value before and after sales.
  6. Negotiating abilities between parties for appliances or furnishings.
  7. The importance and benefits of having a thorough home inspection.
  8. Access to properties through word-of-mouth with other agents before they are listed on MLS.
  9. Knowledge on lifestyle features such as schools, transportation, shopping and other amenities.
  10. Help move the transaction to closing or settlement.

More specifically, Royal LePage agents are dedicated and committed to helping you with your home search and to ensure the next purchase or sale will exceed your expectations.

Royal LePage has over 14,000 agents across Canada, and is the largest and oldest Canadian real estate company celebrating 95 years in 2008.

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