Niagara Falls Building and Renovating - Shopping For Carpet-Questions To Consider

(NC)-The more hectic our lives become, the more we value our homes as our private place to unwind, relax and renew. Creating the perfect home sanctuary involves choosing home décor materials that promote health, happiness and comfort. That decision starts from the floor up. The choice of flooring sets the tone for the entire room. You want to choose something that embraces your lifestyle, looks great and feels good.

The unique characteristics and versatility of carpet still make it the most sought-after choice for rooms where softness, texture, color, luxury or comfort are important, whether your style is classic, casual or contemporary. When it comes to selecting what is best for you from the endless styles, patterns, textures and colors of carpet available, here are a few important questions to ask yourself:

  1. What are your short and long term plans for your home?
    Choose a product that meets your immediate personal needs, and remember that a good quality carpet will help sell a home.
  2. What is your décor style?
    Classic elegance, casual comfort or urban contemporary? Gather together your favorite clippings from décor magazines to help identify your personal style. More information on defining your décor style and recommended carpet choices by style is available online at
  3. What areas will you be carpeting?
    Different carpet fibres and constructions offer different performance properties. Entranceways, hallways, stairs and children's bedrooms require a better quality, more resilient carpet to withstand the traffic. A flecked or multi-toned carpet, in a loop or cut-and-loop pattern, does a great job of hiding wear and dirt. A contemporary shaggy-look frieze is the perfect choice to cozy up a family room or home entertainment centre for both comfort and sound insulation. Sculpted carpets in subtle florals, waves, stripes, checks, pin dots or 3-D geometric patterns add the right touch of visual interest to the floor in living rooms, formal dining rooms or master bedrooms.
  4. What is practical for your lifestyle?
    If an easy-care is important, consider earth-toned patterns, textures or looped carpet styles that hide footprints and dirt and are easily cleaned with a good vacuum. Look for stain-resistant or soil-resistance treated carpet for extra insurance.
  5. What color options will work best?

Light or neutral colors will make your room feel cooler and will make a small space appear larger. Darker colors can add warmth and can make a large space cozier.

Do your research, follow your instincts and have fun. Advanced fibre and manufacturing technologies have ushered in a whole new revolution of carpet flooring possibilities with a myriad of colors, textures and patterns available. There is a carpet for every décor.

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