Niagara Falls Statement of FoundLocally Policies

Confidentiality & Privacy Statement

We take confidentiality seriously (and we have had a strong policy since 1999, long before any federal or provincial privacy legislation required it).

We will not publish personal information like Registered Contact names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and businesses in our directory can choose to "hide" their addresses in our business listings (we still need a complete street or mailing address for our purposes, to ensure "localness" for our directory).

E-mail addresses of newsletter subscribers will not be used for other purposes (users have the option to accept e-mails on behalf of third parties, but such addreses will not be disclosed to the advertiser. We may --on occasion-- use e-mail addresses provided in REgistered Contact and Business registrations for notifying users of significant site changes. You consent to the use of such information only for our internal marketing purposes.

We will not sell any names, addresses, e-mail addresses of individuals to outside organizations. Those who provide demographic or personal information when entering contests and subscribing for services ON OUR SITE are assured that their information will not be used or provided to others outside our organization, except as aggregated statistics.

You may be contacted by FoundLocally staff to verify the accuracy of information provided in new listings.

Anyone who feels that their confidential information has not been respected, as stated in these guidelines, please user our Feedback Form and we will reply promptly (typically within one business day).

Content Issues & Policies

Local Focus exists to connect local businesses and merchants to reach their local online customers easily. We provide FREE listings for all local businesses, organizations and events in the <$definclude compile name="city"> area. You must have a physical location here (or very close) to qualify for a free listing.

National and worldwide organizations doing business using 1-800 numbers rather than through local offices do not qualify for a free listing in FoundLocally's community database, but can achieve significant local visibility with display ("banner") advertising through Casale Media or with Google Adwords keyword ads which are integrated into every page of the site, including editorial and searches. Please contact Fuel Digital Media for information and pricing (we'll work closely with Casale Media and with advertisers to ensure optimal & cost-effective targetting is achieved).

Appropriate Content
Our service is designed to be useful for and appropriate to a broad audience, including the business sector as well as students and young Canadians. Our site is business-friendly, family-friendly and school-friendly. We reserve the right to refuse listings or advertising (as well as specific job, coupon, event or news postings in a listing) for any reason.

Links to web sites
Our free listings are designed to raise the visibility of local businesses on the Internet. To help consumers decide between competitors we allow everybody three lines of descriptive comments, and three lines describing brands carried. This free service is supported by Internet-savvy display advertisers on our site.

Adding Chains
Organizations with more than one location can be added quickly with the "Clone" button (we provide tools to quickly add multiple events, coupons and jobs). We also have software tools to quickly help chains add all their locations. (just create ONE listing and e-mail us an Excel spreadsheets of all your locations). Please see tips for multi-location businesses on our Web Marketing Blog, and use our Feedback Form to request more information.

Last updated September 14, 2007