- Article Submission

Article Submission Guidelines

We receive hundreds of Story Submissions, and typically respond within a business day. Please Review our Story Posting Guidelines.

Here are the basic criteria:

  1. Articles must help consumers be better informed & educated about a product or service (not just talk about your store, restaurant, product or service)
  2. Stories about YOUR business and organization: use the Post NEWS item in the red What To DO? menu, after logged-in
  3. Businesses without a listing should add a FREE LISTING to our community directory
  4. Articles should be about 250- 400 words.
  5. Articles should not consist of links, or lists of links, but may include links relevant to the story (the Writer's Credit will include your key links and contact info automatically).
  6. Articles should be written in conversational tone, and may include quotes from interviews
  7. Articles written so they have national scope will be included in other FoundLocally communities' content (resulting in more links back to your website!). Local stories are welcomed by will be included only in this FoundLocally community's content.

Please send us a SHORT overview of your story idea using the Feedback form, and we'll send you an email address you can submit the whole story to (we've just getting too much "robot" spam with the form)