Niagara Falls Food: Red chilis whole or ground into powder

Red chili can be eaten whole or ground to make chili powder

Author: Paul Ingersole

Red chili was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus in the West Indies. He didn't know what he had stumbled across, thinking he had just found one of the varieties of black peppers. He brought the red chili back to Europe with him. The chili was a hit and sold quickly because it was cheaper than black pepper. Soon people in Europe were growing their own red chili rather than paying for imported chili from India.

The love of red chili spread across the land as explorers traveled with them to India, South Asia, and China. The only nationality that did not take to them well were the Italians. However, it was used sparingly in some sauces. In Europe, red chili is believed to be an aphrodisiac for men.

Red chili comes in many degrees of intensity. Some are very mild while some are so hot your whole body feels like it has caught on fire. Common symptoms that the red chili is hot is sweating and a runny nose. Many chili festivals sponsor chili eating contests. It is quite entertaining to watch grown men suffering from the heat of these red chili's, yet they continue to eat them in a quest to consume more than the competition.

Red chili can be eaten whole or ground to make chili powder. This powder is a common additive in the United States for various Mexican food dishes. It is even used to add flavor to meat for tacos and tostados. In Texas, red chili is a dish you eat with a spoon. It contains meat, spices, and beans.

You can purchase red chili at your local super market or from a produce stand. You can also choose to grow your own red chili. They grow very similar to tomato plants. Red chili grows best in climates with very high temperatures and lots of humidity.

Red chili is a commonly used ingredient in cultures and foods around the world. It adds a wonderful spice to many dishes we enjoy. There are cook books full of recipes to try that use red chili. You will also find delicious recipes to make Texas style chili. The internet is also a great place to find recipes for red chili.

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