Niagara Falls Food: Bottled Water And The Environment

When it comes to bottled water, the "do it yourself" approach, taking a refillable bottle and filling it from the tap above the kitchen sink (maybe with a water filter to take our some local impurities) is a lot cheaper and a lot better for the environment than manufacturing, shipping, and discarding all those plastic single use bottles.

Top Five Reasons to Give Up Bottled Water

  1. Disposable plastic water bottles are not meant for re-use. Bottles made of #1 PET (polyethylene terephthalate) lead to bacterial growth and leaching of dangerous chemicals with re-use .
  2. Bottled water uses petroleum resources. A US study shows that to make the bottles for bottled water Americans process more than 17 million barrels of oil annually, roughly the equivalent of filling up a quarter of each bottle with oil.
  3. Bottled water is expensive! Drinking the recommended daily amount of water cost about $1 a year, while using bottled water can cost an average of $1,400 per year.
  4. Your tap water is fine to drink. Tap water is more highly regulated than bottled water and over 90 percent of water systems meet federal & provincial standards. Any off-taste is likely from your tap or your pipes and can be fixed with a simple & inexpensive simple filtration system.
  5. At least 40 percent of bottled water starts as tap water before being packaged in the bottle and marked up.
Try the Bottled Water Calculator.

Water standards

US National Organic Program

Canadian Water Standards

US E.P.A. Water Standards

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