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Author: adi Topazi

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It's easy to be confused by advertisements and television, where glamorous models and picture-perfect starlets cavort in the latest fashions and trends. But hiring a stylist will most likely clean out your bank account, as will splurging on the latest fashion trend - whether or not it's apt to suit you. Who of us hasn't rushed to buy that stunning new outfit or trendy new bit of jewelry only to leave it lying fallow in a closet or drawer for years? How can you find your style - in jewelry at least? Here's a quick guide.

Stage One: Who are you?

In order to choose the right silver jewelry, or the right clothing for that matter, your best aid is to know yourself. What makes you feel good? Comfortable? What flatters? Before purchasing silver jewelry, jot down a few things about yourself, which will help you make your choice. For example, if you write, "I love to stand out" - that will lead you to bold, eye-catching jewelry.
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Or if, like me, you write, "I'm a classic, conservative girl" - you'll be led to the cases with the understated, trad pieces. Don't forget to list your favorite types of jewelry, such as "I love a necklace with a gemstone pendant", or "A pearl choker makes me feel dressed up", or "I fancy anything that's sparkly". Don't forget to add your favourite colours to the list. Lastly, remind yourself of the pieces you've worn to death - and the ones that have never seen the light of day.

Stage Two: Define your needs.

In order to avoid spending needless sums on jewelry you'll never wear, define precisely what you need. Have you ever found yourself thinking, "I wish I had a necklace to go with that special bracelet?", or, "The right earrings would really polish off that outfit"? Are you looking for jewelry to wear every day? Or something for those special occasions? Knowing when, and with what clothes, you're most likely to wear an item can keep you from making superfluous purchases.
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Stage Three: Suitability!

Once you've defined your needs, whittle down your choices by eliminating anything that doesn't suit you or your wardrobe. For example, if most of your shirts have a v-neck, you might want to invest in a long or striking necklace, which will accentuate your décolletage.

If you like to wear bright colours, you'll do best with a silver necklace - with an understated gemstone like a translucent Zircon, or without a gemstone at all - which won't compete with your blouses and jumpers. Try to suit the jewelry you purchase to the shape of your face and body. Buy what looks good on you - not what looks great on the model in the advert.

Stage Four: Mind your budget.

Now that you've defined your needs and preferences, and determined what suits you and what really doesn't (even if it's pretty), you must set the parameters of your budget, so as to make the wisest use of the money you have. Don't be tempted to buy jewelry that's liable to break or tarnish in a few weeks' time. When purchasing silver jewelry, make sure you're getting 925 Sterling Silver - the highest quality, and therefore the most cost-effective.

Good Luck!

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