Top 15 Movies in Theatres this week

Here are The Top 15 Movies based on FoundLocally's analysis of how many screens across Canada (out of about 2000) cinema owners devote to each movie. Movie theatre owners anticipate which movies should draw more people and therefore allocate more screens. ( for week of Wednesday, November 21nd)

EDITORS NOTE: But, is that the "chicken" or the "egg"? Some consider it more more relevant estimate a movie's staying power (ie best viewing bets, week after week) and screen percentage AFTER their first weekend of release. This is more indicative of REAL audience demand for a movie, not just the critics' prespective. See how last week's * (new) movies rank in this week's ranking.

Multi-screen cinemas also have theatres of different sizes (the larges theatre halls are typically those closest to the popcorn stands), so just seeing the count of cinmas showing a movie is not exact. When a movie is UNEXPECTEDLY POPULAR, theatre owners can swap slarger & smaller halls with another film (made even easier now with digital movie distribution---no lugging of flims between projectors), so they can pack everbyody into the hall ideally suited for the movie AUDIENCES WANT TO SEE.

We are no longer collecting and aggregating theatre showtimes, instead LINKING DIRECTLY TO THEATRES, who have now integrated reserved seating into their offerings.

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