Niagara Falls Consumer: Four steps to choose a good food slicer

Author: antonio carlso

Buying a good food slicer is not an easy task for most people. There are many low-quality food slicers you may find in the stores. However, if you follow the guidelines below, you can reduce the risk of buying low-quality and unsuitable one. Let's get started.

Always go for a stainless steel model. There are stainless steel and plastic models in the market and the plastic is cheaper than stainless steel. However, if you are smart enough, you will definitely go for the stainless steel. The stainless steel model has many advantages in comparison to the plastic one. It's cleaner, provides better slices and easier to clean after slicing.

Choose the right size for you. There are many sizes of food slicer available in the market. If you plan to use slicer for slicing small vegetable, cheese then a small model is right for you. However, if slicing turkey breasts, whole roast or other large items, you should go for a large one.

The food slicer must be easy to clean. You will not spend all night after the dinner to clean the food slicer. The plastic model is famous for this annoying feature. You will need around 20 minutes to clean a plastic food slicer while five minutes is the time to do the same task with a stainless steel one. The buying decision is yours but I really recommend the stainless steel food slicer.

Safety first. Whatever you do, safety is a prerequisite. Using food slicer can be very dangerous if the machine you use doesn't have safety features built in. For example it doesn't have dual switch feature to prevent the slicer from automatically turn on. You should ask the seller carefully about this matter before placing the order.

These above guidelines are short but very important. If you follow them closely, you will avoid much implicit nuisance which many people have had.

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