Niagara Falls Consumer: 3 Essential Kitchen Sink Accessories

(NC)-Your sink is very likely the most used product in your kitchen. Yet in purchasing a new sink most people think only of the faucet that will go with it. Beyond the faucet however, there are a range of practical accessories available for your sink that can make your kitchen workspace more efficient or protect your sink from wear-and-tear.

Here are the three most essential accessories that you can either buy with your new sink or that you can easily add to your existing sink no matter how long you've had it.

Mechanical pop-up strainer

Once you've installed one of these, you'll wonder why you ever did dishes without it. This product replaces your current strainer at the bottom of your sink bowl with a new one that attaches (underneath the sink via a long cord) to a stainless steel knob installed on your sink deck or countertop. When you're ready for all that dirty water to drain out of your sink, you simply turn the knob and this lifts the strainer up just enough so that the dirty water drains out without your having to put your hand into the bowl. "Popular in Europe, mechanical pop-up strainers are not all that well known here," says Alexandra Marshall, director of marketing for German sink manufacturer, BLANCO. "However our customers who have purchased one often tell us it's their favourite kitchen accessory." A mechanical pop-up strainer can be easily added to an existing sink requiring just an extra hole drilled onto the sink deck or countertop.

Sink Grids

If you have a stainless steel sink, purchasing stainless steel sink grids that sit on the bottom of the sink bowls are probably the best investment you can make. These grids protect the sink from scratches that could be caused by sharp utensils or other kitchen tools. Don't use rubber-coated mats on the sink bottom as discolouration of the sink could occur after prolonged use. German sink manufacturer Blanco, offers a line of premium stainless steel sink grids that are customized to fit each of their sink models so that the grids cover the bottom of the sink bowls perfectly. These grids also feature an opening right over the sink drain so you can easily access the strainer without having to lift up the grid. Rubber feet keep the grids raised so food debris falls under and away from dishes. The grids are also ideal to use on the countertop for cooling baked goods while protecting your counter.


Pot-fillers are a great convenience for anyone but should particularly be on the list of essential products for those who have difficulty lifting or maneuvering heavy pots from sink to stove. A pot-filler is basically a kitchen tap installed close to the stove. Instead of filling your cooking pot at the sink and then carrying it over to the stove, this tap swings out and positions over the stove to fill the pot. If you're creating a new kitchen or undergoing a significant renovation, you can get a pot-filler that installs in the wall and folds away neatly against the wall when not needed. For retrofit situations, you will want to install the kind that mounts onto your countertop so that it can access existing plumbing underneath the counter. Match it to your faucet style. Blanco offers highly contemporary European styles while other manufacturers offer more traditional designs. More information is available online at

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