Niagara Falls Consumer: Digital TV is Here


After August 31, 2011, all analog televisions will require a converter box in order to receive Canadian over-the-air broadcasts using an antenna. that time, over-the-air broadcast signals in Canada will be in digital-only format. Canadians using satellite or digital cable services should see no change.

U.S. television stations broadcasting over-the-air into Canada will make this change sooner, in February, 2009.

How this affect viewers?

All Canadians should be aware of the upcoming transition and will need to know what type of television they own and how they receive broadcast signals to understand what they may need to do to prepare.

Once the transition takes place, Canadians with analog televisions, using over the air signals, will have to add a digital-to-analog converter box, or use a television with a built-in digital tuner, to continue to view over the air broadcasts.

Canadians who already have televisions with a digital tuner, or subscribe to satellite or digital cable service should see no change. Related decisions have been made regarding the distribution of cable services.

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