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How Press Release Distribution Works

Author: Jason Kay

You know that whether your business is large or small that you have the need to announce certain events or activities through a press release distribution, but how exactly does it work? A press release distribution is done when a company has something that they want basically the world to know. Press releases can vary in length depending on what the announcement is, but the goal is always the same; get the press release in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Using a press release distribution company to get your press release out makes that press release available for literally thousands of people and other businesses to see. Press release distribution can work on different targeted levels and that is all depending on who you want to reach. Some different options for press release distribution include:

International: If you want your press release to reach not only individuals and businesses in Canada, but abroad as well, then you will want to go with an international press release distribution. This gets your press release into the hands of those in Canada and other countries, such as the US and Mexico, if that is your desire.

National: This gets your press release into the hands of more individuals than any other as far as Canada goes. Typically this type of press release distribution will get your press release to thousands of media outlets across the country.

Regional: Perhaps you only want your press release to target a specific region of Canada. If that is the case, then you will want to consider a regional press release distribution as it allows you to focus on the region of your choice.

Province: If you only want to reach your province or a specific province, then use a province wide press release distribution. This will target your specific province or any other provinces you want to hit.

Metro: Want to hit the biggest metro cities in Canada? Using a metro press release distribution will allow you to target the bigger metropolitan areas in Canada such as Detroit, Miami, New York City, and many more.

So why use a press release distribution?

Using a press release distribution not only gets your name out to the general public it can also get your name out to the online community. How? When preparing your press release you can use certain keywords and optimize your press release for the search engines. Because so many press releases are picked up by the search engines these days, one that has be properly optimized can show up fairly high in the search results and this will lead to even more eyes on your press release.

Press release prices will vary depending on who you want to target and there are even some press release distribution services that are available online for free. While these may not distribute your press release to as many as one of the bigger companies that will charge you several hundred dollars, the free ones do at times serve their purpose. Either way, when you want to get your press release out to the masses, it is time to have a press release distribution service go to work.

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