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Author: Fleur Gardner

If you are not already acquainted with the term, change management is all about dealing with change in a step by step manner. It has actually become a subject of study over a period of time. Organisations – big and small – are working towards it worldwide.

It implies a structured way of helping the individuals/ teams/ organisations adapt to change and become used to change in an amiable way. It involves the use of processes and models for change management. These models take care of the people issues as regards implementation of change in any manner.

Change in an organisation, in particular, happens at senior level management that eventually spreads downward and takes over the entire organisation. It is often called ‘Decision Downloading'. The reason can be many, including merger, layoff or acquisition of the company by another. These decisions are taken at the senior level and do not involve the employees. So, when the decision downloads itself, unrest among employees is often observed. So, it is important to take the employees into confidence or "buy in" the employees.

It is recommended that employees must be told point by point about the change to manage the change better. Like, they should be provided with the answers to the following questions:

1. How and why the decision was taken?
2. Were any alternatives considered and why were they rejected?
3. How is the present decision in the best interest of the organisational goals?
4. How is it in the best interest of the employees themselves?

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Fleur Gardner has been working as a consultant for a long time now. He specialises in change management and helps people and corporations to deal with changes.

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