Niagara Falls Nearby: Youngstown, New York

Youngstown us a village of 2,000 at the mouth of the Niagara River at Lake Ontario, about 11 miles north of Niagar Falls, NY. It is part of the Town of Porter and is best known for Fort Niagara State Park, and for its training area for the NewYork Army National Guard..

The area was home to Indians for hundreds of years, and in 1670 the French explorer La Salle built a small fort, less than a mile north of today's village. In 1727, the French built Fort Niagara to guard the Lake Ontario mouth of the Niagara River. Youngstown was one of the first settlements to grow outside Fort Niagara in the late 1700s. In 1759, during the French-Indian Wars, 2,300 British regulars and New York Provincial soldiers with 900 Iroquois laid siege to the French-held Fort Niagara, in order to sever France's supply route to the upper Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley. After a see-saw battle (now known as the Battle of La Belle Famille) involving French reinforcements from another Fort near today's Franklin, Pennsylvania, the French surrendered the fort.

As a result of the 1763 Devil's Hole Massacre above the escarpment, the Indian chiefs ceded their lands along both sides of the Niagara River between Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. A mile-wide strip along the eastern side eventually became the New York State Mile Reserve. John Young, who lived across the river, saw opportunities on this side and built a store on the landing area in 1809.

By the War of 1812, a number of log cabins provided shelter for the tradesmen and storekeepers supplying the Fort. In 1813, American forces captured Fort George across the river, and at Christmas time, they retreated back to the American side torching the Village of Newark (now Niagara On The Lake). In retaliation, British and Indians captured Fort Niagara and burned most of the buildings on the American side south to Buffalo. After the war, rebuilding gradually took place and by the 1840's the village was well re-established with many fine homes and stores.

Three railroads were built to the village, two failing quickly the 1850's, but the third (electric) line was a success, carrying supplies to the village and fort and transporting thousands of people to the old beach amusement park.

The village of Youngtown was incorporated in 1854, and along Main Street you will see many fine examples of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century architecture. Visitors to this historic village can experience Americana, enjoy waterfront parks and the splendor of the lower Niagara River, and find charming shops, eateries, taverns, and accommodations.

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Old Fort Niagara
Fort Niagara State Park
Robert Moses Parkway North
Youngstown, NY 14174
The original buildings date back to the 1700'sm with the Fort begun by the French, expanded by the British, and used by the United States during the Ware of 1812. The restored fort features exhibits, events, and living history. Re-enactments and musket firing demo's daily during the summer or help you re-live a day in the life of a soldier. Open year-round, daily 9am-late pm. Closed Thanksgiving, Dec 25, Jan 1. Allow 2 hrs. Groups welcome 9am-4pm or by appointment. Nearby seasonal picnic and swimming facilities.
Admission : $5 - $10

Town of Porter Historical Museum
240 Lockport St
(take Robert Moses Parkway north to #93. Turn left into townside, for one mile)
Youngstown, NY 14174
Artifacts of the Town of Porter. Located in the heart of the Historic Village of Youngstown on second floor of Red Brick School Building, circa 1892.
Open Wed, Thu 2-4pm; Sat 10am-2pm; Closed Sat during summer months. Allow 1 hour. Group Reservation Required

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