Niagara Falls Nearby: North Tonawanda, New York

The "Twin Cities" of Tonawanda and North Tonawanda are the Western Gateway to the Erie Canal, and have a population of 78,000. Now that the canal has been made obsolete by the Interstate Highway system and the St Lawrence Seaway, the can has been made into the The completed Erie Canalway Trail is nearly 500 miles long, beginning in the Tonawandas and encompassing the entire New York State canal system. The Trail begins at Gateway Harbor Park and moves east along the Canal. Gateway Harbor Park is a haven for docking, backpacking, bicycling, walking, jogging, in-line skating and cross-country skiing.

During the top secret World War II "Manhattan Project" Tonawanda played a key role, with a local firm used to refine uranium & plutonium ores and to produce the special sintered nickel

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Tonawanda Attractions

Carnegie Art Center
240 Goundry St,
North Tonawanda, NY
(716) 694-4400
The Tonawandas' Council of the Arts is located in this National Historic Site, with three gallery rooms for monthly exhibits of visual arts as well as performance, lectures, film and instructional programs for children and adults. Open Wednesday-Friday 12-5 p.m. and Saturday 1-4 p.m.

The Herschell Carousel Factory Museum
North Tonawanda (call for directions)
(716) 693-1885.
This museum, located in North Tonawanda, explains the history of the carousel. The first steam-driven "riding gallery" or merry-go-round was built by Allen Herschell in 1883, and the company became the world's largest manufacturer of carousels and amusement park devices. The museum contains vintage carousels, and has Sunday Family Programs and wood-carving demonstrations. Closed January through March.

Historical Society of the Tonawandas
24 E. Niagara St.
Tonawanda, NY.
(716) 694-7406

Museum of the Historical Society of the Tonawandas
113 Main St
Tonawanda, NY.
(716) 694-7406

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