Niagara Falls Nearby: Pelham, Ontario

The Town of Pelham's 14,000 residents live northwest of the City of Welland. In the heart of Pelham is the Fonthill Kame, left behind by the last Ice Age. On its southern edge is the Niagara Central Airport, which also serves Welland and Port Colborne.

In 1970, the Town of Pelham was created to unify five historical communities: Fonthill, Ridgeville, Effingham, North Pelham and Fenwick into a single blossoming town covering 126.42 square kilometres.. Pelham is primarily an agricultural area with tender fruit orchards and grape vineyards. The Fonthill area has undergone a building boom over the past dozen years with many businesses and neighborhoods being developed.

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Comfort Maple
The Comfort Maple is the oldest living sugar maple tree. It measures ninety feet (30 metres) in height and eighty five feet (28 metres) wide. It is located on Metler Road in North Pelham.

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Pelham Art Festivalmid May
Fenwick Lions Carnival end May

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