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Observation Deck over the American Falls Niagara Falls, New York has 55,000 residents located on the western edge of the Niagara Frontier, just north of the City of Buffalo.

Prior to 1788, most of Western New York was owned and occupied by Indians of the Neutral Nation, except for the military outposts of the French and British at Fort Niagara and Fort Schlosser.

Fort Schlosser, originally called "Little Niagara" by the French. was about a mile above the Falls, opposite Chippawa. The fort was destroyed in 1759 following the French surrender to the British. At that spot, the British built a small stockade which they named Fort Schlosser (for Captain Joseph Schlosser of His Hajesty's Royal American Regiment of Foot), later rebuilt by American soldiers who kept the name.

The first permanent settler came in 1795, and in 1805, the State of New York began to sell lands along the American shoreline of the Niagara River , and the community became known as Manchester after the industrial City of Manchester in England. In 1832, the Village of Manchester had 550 citizens.

In 1854, the Village of Suspension Bridge (Bellevue) was incorporated, developed at the opposite end of this bridge was known as the Village of Elgin. In 1848, the Village of Niagara Falls, New York was incorporated, and became a city in 1892, amalgamating with Bellevue.

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