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Goalie minding the crease

Hockey is officially Canada's winter sport and the source of many national heroes over the years. Almost every little town has a hockey arena, and every neighborhood a rink. The game is played on an ice rink by players wearing hockey skates. Each team plays with 6 players at a time (5 skaters plus a goalie). To score a point, one team needs to shoot a flat & round black rubber "puck" past the opposing team's goalie, into their net. Hockey is a fast-paced team sport that requires skill, strength and endurance.

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For recreational hockey, all you need are a stick, skates and warm clothing (and a puck). Competitive hockey is played fast and can be dangerous, so full equipment and padding is required for organized league play. Each player needs (in addition to the above): helmet with a face mask, neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, jersey, suspenders, padded hickey pants, hockey gloves, protective sports cup, shin pads, and hockey socks. A Goalie requires specialized versions of the skates, stick, and protective equipment.

Almost any sports or department stores will carry hockey equipment. Take the time to ensure that your gear fits right and offers enough protection. For rapidly-growing youths, you may wish to consider quality used equipment. Most minor hockey associations have a used equipment swap at the start of each hockey season.

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Here some hockey teams and leagues in the Niagara area:

Ball Hockey InternationalSt Catharines, ON 905-684-7472
Chippawa's Junior CNiagara Falls, ON(905) 295-0316
Garden City Kiwanis Hockey LeagueSt Catharines, ON(905) 934-8940
Greater Fort Erie Minor Hockey Association Fort Erie, ON905-871-7191
Grimsby Minor Hockey AssociationGrimsby, ON(905) 945-0685
Lincoln Minor Hockey AssociationBeamsville, ON 905-563-8358
Niagara Dome Ball Hockey AssociationSt Catharines, ON 905-684-7359
Niagara Falls Junior B CanucksNiagara Falls, ON (905) 358-7565
Niagara-On-The-Lake Minor Hockey Virgil, ON(905) 468-2496
Pelham Minor Hockey Association Pelham, ON(905) 892-8111
Pelham Minor Hockey AssociationPelham, ON(905) 892-8111
Pelham Pioneers - Oldtimers' HockeyPelham, ON(905) 892-3269
St Catharines Catholic Youth Organization Minor HockeySt Catharines, ON905-687-9430
St Catharines Falcons Hockey ClubSt Catharines, ON905-684-5888
St Catharines Ball HockeySt Catharines, ON905-646-0480
St. Catharines Falcons Hockey Club St. Catharines, ON(905) 684-5888
Wainfleet Minor Hockey AssociationWainfleet, ON905) 899-0945
Welland Farr Mercury J.B. CougarsWelland, ON(905) 735-7233, 735-7588
Welland Girls HockeyWelland, ON(905) 937-4913
Welland Minor Hockey AssociationWelland, ON(905) 735-6500

If you want to watch professional hockey in the Niagara area, there are two NHL teams close by:

You can catch OHA (Ontario Hockey Association) Jr A action with the Buffalo Lightening, who play at the West Seneca Recreation Centre in West Seneca NY (716-675-1836).

There is also competitive hockey in the Niagara region, with OHA Golden Horseshoe B League has teams in Niagara Falls (905-358-3808), Fort Erie (905-871-1878), Port Colborne (905-834-1414), St Catharines (905-684-5888), Thorold (905-227-4534), Stoney Creek (905-573-3600), and Welland (905-732-5973). There is also the OHA Niagara Junior C league, which has teams in Grimsby (905 957-7541), Dundas, Chippawa (905-295-6554), Glanbrook, Dunnville (905-774-3249), and Caledonia.

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