Niagara Falls Snowmobiling Trails

Niagara's consistent winter climate and moderate snowfall (particularly above the escarpment), makes it ideal for snowmobiling. There are a number of trails in the area, all maintained by area snowmobiling clubs and associations.

To use these trails, you must have a permit, which costs $180 for the season ($230 after December 1st), or $90 for 3 days, or $120 for 7 days. For $5 extra (per club) you can join and get their newsletters. If you are caught on the trail with NO trail permit, wardens will issue you a permit for $180, please purchase before you get caught. [Updated for 2006/2007]

To see the trails south & west of Hamilton, and the current trail conditions, please see the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs web site, or call them at 705-739-7669 (in Barrie).

Motor Fuel: Commercial service stations in Niagara sell unleaded gasoline in regular and premium grades. Leaded gas is not to be sold in the province of Ontario. Some stations -- especially those along major highways and in larger cities -- also sell propane, diesel fuel, and (rarely) ethanol.

Drinking & Driving: Driving motor vehicles, including boats and snowmobiles, while impaired is illegal. It is also illegal to refuse to take a breathalyzer test. "Impaired" means having a breathalyzer reading greater than 80 mg (0.08%) of alcohol per 100 ml. It is also an offence to consume alcohol anywhere other than in a residence or a licensed premise (like a bar or restaurant).

There are two nearby locations in New York State that have snowmobile trails:

Joseph Davis State Park Trails
Snowmobile Trails are available at the 388 acre Joseph Davis State Park in Lewiston, NY at 4143 Lower River Road

Golden Hill State Park Trails
Snowmobile Paths are available at the 511 acre Golden Hill State Park. The park is located along the shore of Lake Ontario, 20 miles northeast of Lockport

Take Route 104 or Route 18, to Route 269. Turn rig ht on Route 269 to Lower Lake Road, left at stop sign and go 3/4 mile to park entrance.

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