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Recycling is not just good for the environment, but you could even make some extra money. Re-use and Recycle - scrap for cash! The government requires that many consumer containers be recyclable, and still others re-useable. To prevent wasting re-useable containers, manufacturers and retailers may charge a deposit on the containers when you buy the products inside. These deposits are returned when customers return the containers.

Recyclable containers in Ontario with a deposit include:

  • Aluminium beer cans (Canadian brands only). Return to the Beer Store for $.10/can refund.
  • Beer Bottles (Canadian brands only). Return to the Beer Store for $.10/can refund
  • Refillable soft drink ontainers. Return to retailer for $.40/bottle refund.

Scrap metal dealers will accept certain types of recyclable metals in sufficient quantities. Some schools even save their empty aluminum beverage cans, and sell them to scrap dealers as a fundraising initiative. The following businesses in the Niagara Falls area buy scrap metal:

Blue Box Recycling
If you don't want to take the trouble to save up sufficient quantities of scrap for cash at dealers, you can always drop it in your blue box or grey box, and have it picked up at the curb. Recyclable products accepted by the blue box program include:
  • Plastic Bottles, Tubs and Lids
    • plastic pop, juice, water, shampoo,
    • bleach, detergent, motor oil & windshield washer bottles
    • any wide mouth plastic tub & lid such as yogurt, margarine & ice cream etc.
    Polystyrene Plastic
    • foam meat packaging & bakery trays, plastic & foam cups/lids, plastic protective foam packaging & styrofoam
  • Beverage Cartons:
    • milk & juice cartons & drink boxes
  • Aluminium Cans & Foil:
    • aluminium cans, foil & rigid foil containers such as oven liners, pie plates & fast food trays etc.
    • remove food residue & plastic or paper laminated foil
    • Metal Food/Beverage Cans &Glass Jars/Bottles:
      • place lid inside metal can & squeeze opening
      • remove lids from glass jars & place both in Blue Box
      • Empty & rinse all containers.
The following are NOT PERMITTED in Blue Boxes:
  • ceramics, window glass or light bulbs
  • foil lined food lids, butter wrappings & cigarette wrappings
  • aerosol cans & frozen juice cans
Note that in some areas, blue box pick-up days are different from your regular household garbage pick-up day. Call the Regional Municipality of Niagara Falls for the blue box day in your neighbourhood at (705) 673-2171.

Grey Box Recycling
  • Plastic Bags:
    • grocery, milk & bread bags, dry cleaning bags, & the plastic outer covering from toilet tissue, paper towels & pop cases
    • remove receipts, stuff into one bag & tie handles
  • Recyclable Paper:
    • paper, newspapers, flyers, glossy magazines, catalogues, envelopes, paperbacks, phone books, hardcover books (remove cover & discard)
    • shredded paper should be placed inside a clear bag & handles should be tied
    DO NOT place paper products in plastic grocery bags.
  • Corrugated Cardboard:
    • shipping, appliance, furniture & pizza boxes (cleaned of excess food)
    • flatten & tie boxes to be no larger than
    • 90cm (3) x 90cm (3) x 90cm (3)
  • Boxboard:
    • cereal, pop, cookie, tissue, detergent,
    • cracker, shoe & gift boxes

The following are NOT PERMITTED in Grey Boxes:
  • waxed or coated boxboard such as frozen food packaging, ice cream cartons
  • gift wrapping paper & cards
  • chip bags, plastic meat & cheese wraps
  • paper egg cartons, paper take-out trays or paper coffee cups (place in organics bin)
  • plastic liners from cereal and cracker boxes etc.
Over 500 million containers are returned each year, which is about 80 - 90 per cent of all those containers manufactured and sold. Of course, many of the balance are accounted for by the "blue box" program and are recycled, so our land fills are not burdened with unnecessary waste materials.

For other information about Niagara Region's garbage collection & recycling.
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